Sewing Tutorial:Shopping Bags

Parenting has it is actually ups as well as downs. The long term objective is actually to rear your youngsters to become responsible, caring, productive members of society via love and technique. Naturally, it’s likewise vital to create proprieties.

I was actually recently urged that I am obtaining my target when my young adult asked me to make her some buying bags, similar to the ones I possess useful in the locker of my car. This way she wouldn’t have to utilize non reusable, plastic buying bags each time she goes to the outlet. Method to become excellent to Mama The planet. I am actually thus glad!

So, I generated these recyclable, relatively easy to fix bags for her. I enjoy this set because they are actually large and tough. You can in fact match pair of quarts of milk into a solitary bag. When they receive dirty, only shake all of them in the device to wash and also dry.



  • 1 1/2 yds of 44″wide cotton fabric
  • 1 1/2 yds of 44″wide cotton fabric in a coordinating color/pattern
  • disappearing fabric marker
  • sewing supplies



Before you get started, wash and dry your fabric.

Cut four 20 inch squares from each pieces of fabric.

Cut two 6 x 20 inch rectangles from each piece of fabric.

This is enough fabric to make two shopping bags.

I’ll show you how to make one shopping bag. Then, repeat the process with your second set of fabric pieces.
Place the 20 inch squares of bag fabric, right sides together, and pin.

Place the 20 inch squares of lining fabric, right sides together, and pin.

Stitch around three sides of each with a half inch seam allowance.

Press the side seams open.
This next part is a little tricky. Starting in the bottom corner of either the outside or lining, fold the side seam to the bottom seam of the bag, right sides together.
Make sure that the two seams are aligned. The side seam is shown and the bottom seam is directly under it.
Next, place a ruler or grid so that there is 3 1/2 inches between the corner and the ruler edge that’s perpendicular to the seam.
Use a disappearing fabric pen to draw a line along the edge of the ruler.
Pin along the line. Then stitch along the line.
Remove the pins and cut off the corner 1/2 inch from your stitching.

Repeat the process of folding the side seam to the bottom seam, right sides together, with the other corners of the outer and lining fabrics. Stitch and trim off the corners.

This process creates the rectangular bag bottom.
Next, you’ll make the straps for your bag from the 6 x 20 inch rectangles.

Place one of the straps, face down on your ironing board.

Fold it in half lengthwise, wrong sides together, and press to create a center line. Open up the fabric.
Fold one edge to the center line and press.
Fold the other edge to the center line and press.
Fold the piece in half lengthwise and re-press the center line.
Stitch 1/8 inch from the edge along both long edges of the strap. Repeat with the other strap.
Fold the top of each of the bag pieces over one inch and press around the bag opening.

Turn one of the bag the outer bagĀ  right side out.

Next, you’ll place the straps. Use your disappearing fabric marker to mark six inches from the side seams on the outside of the bag.
Align the outer edge of the straps along the marks. The ends of the strap should go one inch into the bag. Pin.

Place the second strap on the other side of the bag the same way.

Insert the lining so that the wrong side of the lining and the wrong side of the bag are together.

Pin around the top of the bag.

I stitched around the top of the bag twice. Once 1/8 inch from the edge and once 1/2 inch from the edge.

You could also use some sort of zig zag or decorative stitch if you want.


Maintain your bags helpful so you can use all of them whenever you visit the retail store. Mine are actually in the trunk of my automobile and I may easily match a week’s truly worth of groceries in to 6 of these large totes. That is actually better than the 12-15 plastic bags that I used to need for every shopping travel. As well as currently I may send my kiddo to the store to carry out some shopping for me as well as she can easily use her brand new bags. Lifestyle is excellent!

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