20 Projects That Will Make You Bust Out the Sewing Machine

Taking a seat at a sewing machine for the very first time can feel like a terrifying activity, but our team promise it is actually simple once you acquire the put up of it. Whether you are actually just discovering just how to sew a straight collection or even you are actually already a pro at reviewing patterns, there are limitless options to what you can easily generate. So we are actually sharing a tremendous 20 projects for you to tackle, despite your stitching capability degree.

1. Drawstring Bag: Consisting of simple straight lines and forgiving measurements, this bag is a practical project for a beginner. (via Brit + Co)


2. Leather Tablet Case: Protect your precious tablet with a leather case that is way easier to make than you think. Another bonus: The entire project only costs $12. (via Brit + Co)


3. Patterned Apron: Don’t be intimidated by this kitchen-friendly project. It takes 10 minutes or less and it’ll open a whole new world of wardrobe sewing projects for you. (via Paper & Stitch)


4. Seat Cushions: Is that chair making you go numb? Bring it back to life with an easy-to-make cushion in a festive print. (via Brit + Co)

Laundry Basket

5. Laundry Basket: Ideal for dorms, this simple laundry basket will keep your discarded clothes looking cute. Regardless of what they’ve been through. (via A Beautiful Mess)


6. Basic Tote Bag: A great project to teach the kids how to sew, this bag is just a bunch of straight stitches. Cart around your groceries at the farmer’s market or stow your kiddo’s pajamas in it for a sleepover. (via Brit + Co)


7. Pocket Square: Have a wedding coming up? Or maybe your fella is hunting for a little extra pizzaz? This one is almost too easy. (via Brit + Co)


8. Sleeping Bag: Got some glamping in your future? You’ll *need* these colorful sleepers. (via A Beautiful Mess)

Napkin Rings

9. Napkin Rings: Elevate your next dinner party with these *adorable* napkin rings. (via Make and Tell)


10. Poptart Pillow: This case is so SWEET, it’ll have you craving the real thing. (via Aww Sam)


11. Kimono: Here’s a great, lightweight way to jazz up your basic t-shirt and jeans or take your maxi-dress game to the next level. (via Brit + Co)


12. Outdoor Pouf: Practice your stitches and make something good for your porch. This is one project that you’ll be using all season long. (via A Kailo Chic Life)

Crossbody Bag

13. Crossbody Bag: What do you get when you combine a pretty dishtowel and 20 minutes? An adorable new crossbody bag. This would also make a great gift, if you can bear to part with it. (via A Kailo Chic Life)


14. Dog Bed: Help your pup savor every minute of their precious sleep with a floral-printed puppy bed. (via Sarah Hearts)


15. Turban Headband: Dreaded second-day hair is a thing of the past. Tame your flyaways, hide greasy roots, and look totally chic while doing it. (via Brit + Co)


16. Blanket Pillow Cover: Grab that blanket that’s been sitting in your linen closest and give it new life as a pillow cover. (via Brit + Co)

Crib Sheets

17. Crib Sheets: Got a little babe on the way? Make these precious ones built for pint-sized sleeping quarters. (Psst: These make for a great gift too!) (via Lovely Indeed)


18. Cactus Pillows: Succulents are all the rage right now, and even a brown thumb gardener can keep these babies alive. The free-form shapes are super forgiving and will give you a taste of sewing curved edges. (via Brit + Co)


19. Baby Bloomers: We can think of *many* reasons why to sew these tiny baby bloomers, and that cheery pattern is just the start. (via Lovely Indeed)


20. Colorful Pennant: Dying to host a summer party, but don’t want to drop alot of cash? This one’s for you. By using cardstock and a sewing machine, you’ll be saving a ton on some statement-making decorations. (via Hey, Let’s Make Stuff)

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